French balls

Yat-sen Mansion’s signature pre-dinner bread is made from only French flour, sea salt, and old noodles. It is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Wine stuffed longan bread

Use dried Dongshan longan smoked with longan wood, soaked in rum and added to the dough. The bread tastes soft and has a chewy texture, full of the aroma of longans.

Scallop and Shrimp Paste Carrot Cake

This classic is popular throughout Taiwan. Taiwanese netizens recommend this most delicious carrot cake. You can taste the shrimp paste, scallops and fresh radish in every bite. They are fried until the surface is slightly burnt, so that the outside is crispy and the inside is tender. It is the best-selling souvenir of Yat-sen Mansion .

Osmanthus Stuffed Longan Rice Cake

The smoked longan is dipped in red wine, then mixed into the soft rice cake with osmanthus, and served with a brown sugar osmanthus sauce. The sweet taste and scent of the osmanthus is never ending!

Banana Pound Cake

Made with fresh bananas from Taiwan, Australian butter and Taiwanese flour. It has a rich aroma and a heavy taste.

Macaroon gift box

Airfreighted from France to Taiwan, colorful classic French dots, the happiest and most fantastic taste, let them help you send your sincerest wishes.

Premium Scallop Shrimp Paste

A popular souvenir that has been selling well for more than ten years. It is made with fresh white shrimp, ham, flat fish, scallops and other ingredients sautéd and mixed by hand. It is delicious both eaten alone or as a seasoning.

Perfect gift box

Yat-sen Mansion’s signature French balls, with their crispy texture and rich aroma of wheat are paired with the chef’s special scallop and shrimp paste. The unique flavor is worth a try.

Golden Sweet Honey Pickled Carrot Balls

Natural organic carrots are grown in specially selected net rooms and pickled with special marinade. The sweet and sour flavor and crisp taste make this a great appetizer.