At Sun Yat-Sen Mansion, French cuisine is at the core, combined with the Chinese atmosphere and spirit. Our team specializes in innovative fusion dishes, made from the finest ingredients, which in 2020 won a coveted Michelin Plate.

Chef Bruce Hsu,

Chef Bruce Hsu, 32, began cooking at the age of 16. When he was 26, he went to Singapore, where he worked in Michelin-starred and other restaurants that list among the top 50 restaurants in Asia. He learned from many famous chefs being heavily influenced by Justin Quek, though he never forgot his home roots. In 2019, Bruce became the head chef of Yat-sen Mansion in Taichung. Since then, he has integrated Taiwan’s unique ingredients and creativity into his menus, adjusting dishes according to the seasons. He has developed a unique blend of creative ideas to match the sublime taste of the food. In 2020, Bruce Hsu led the team to win a Michelin plate award